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Web site address?
How did you find my web site?
Do Teletubbies scare you?
Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?
I hate my hair.
Do you like school?
What's your opinion of Monica Lewinsky?
Ever pissed in your shoes?
If you could have any color VW Beetle, which would you pick?
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
What brand of toothpaste do you use?
Name something really bad that's happened to you.
Name something really good that's happened to you. If you can't think of anything, it's ok. I know I can't.
Do you like pointless surveys like this?
What's the meaning of life?
Madonna: Bitch Slapping Cool or Ray of Crap?
Country music blows.
A quote I heard on SNL: "We're Germans! When we're religiously persecuting you, you'll know it." Do you agree?
Right now, you smell like:
Ever been drunk?
Do you swear too much?
What's your most prized possession?
Anything pissing you off? I'm a pretty good listener.
See ya.