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1. be happy!
this obscene comment, in all it's forms, is my #1 fsc (frequently shouted comment). it is NOT a question. if it were a question (be happy??) the answer would be no.

2. are you a goth?
no i am not. i wear jeans and whatever t-shirt is clean. or semi-clean.

3. didn't there used to be a section on you?

4. what happened to it?
it suffered an untimely death.

5. are you suicidal?
no. i do not wish death upon myself. there are many more people i would rather kill.

6. you like marilyn manson, huh.
this is not a question. but if it were, the answer would be "his music is very nice. but i do not listen to it because of my beliefs about him." give me a month or so and i will have up my next rant, about marilyn manson. for the time being though, i would like you people to know that brian is not a satanist.

7. but you are a satanist right?
no way. satanism is worshipping yourself. i have very low self esteem, there fore this is impossible.

8. why are you like this?
like what?

9. are you into anarchy?
yes. ideally i would like to kill off the child molesters before hand.

10. you are just trying to be like daria.

11. have you got other pages?
yes indeed and you may not visit them, or you shall suffer the flogging of a lifetime.

12. lighten up!
make me.

13. will you give my page an award?
no. but anyone else can apply for an award in the near future (december).

14. you sure you're not homicidal?
see, i said i was not suicidal. i never claimed not to be homicidal.

15. are you, like, 40 or something?
it is tempting to mislead my "public" but i am only 16.

16. why no pics?
no scanner. but in december i will scan pics of stuff like my sacrifices and my murder victims.

17. you are kidding right?

18. how do you spell your name, again?
god, this really pisses me off. here you go, but this is the LAST time!

all comments and questions should be directed to this addy and i will respond with the swiftness of a man with his balls being eaten by david the gnome.